Russian beetroot salad with olives

This morning I again made the Russian beetroot salad, adding to it, however, chili and garlic olives, as well as capers. In the photo, you could see my “masterpiece”, decorated with three little tomatoes and seven capers (in addition to those capers that are already in the salad). I liked the new version even more!

Russian beetroot salad

Here’s a photo of the beetroot salad which I made this morning. I used ingredients¬† which are traditional for this Russian salad: pickled cucumbers, green peas, onions, and boiled beets, carrots and potatoes. I added white ground pepper, dried parsley, and soy sauce (instead of oil). Delicious and healthy. I also need to tell you that this is a low-calorie product:¬† 35.8 calories per 100 grams.