About my trip

My trip has been successful so far. I spent 5 nights in Barcelona, and before that, one night each in Melbourne and Dubai in transit, had tours in Barcelona, Monserrat (a monastery 50km away), Andorra, and now I am in Cordoba. All the places I have visited are beautiful and inspiring.

Am placing two photos of fruit trees I saw in Cordoba: a lemon tree in Alcazar (royal palace) and an orange tree on a street. By the way, there are lots of orange trees here everywhere teeming with fruits. They have bitter taste, I was told, and the local council is supposed to pick them up soon. You could use them for making jam. Also, am placing three photos from Andorra, one of smallest countries in the world.

The 1st of March

Congratulations to those of you who live in the northern hemisphere on the onset of spring, and to those of you who live in the southern hemisphere including Australia (this also applies to me), on the onset of autumn. Both seasons are good and desirable. For many, this is the period of the awakening of nature and the beginning of warmer weather, and for many, including residents of tropical cities, it is the beginning of cooler and more pleasant weather.

I myself will say goodbye this weekend to the Australian autumn which has just begun, and will be moving into spring in the northern hemisphere.

Good luck everyone!